All activities realised by İKSV in over 45 years have been possible only with the undying interest of art lovers, as well as our donors who have supported İKSV at all times. İKSV’s supporters play an essential role in the finance of the activities that are held to achieve the foundation’s preliminary objectives.

İKSV gains the trust of its sponsoring bodies with widespread press exposure nationally and internationally, high level of standards at its events, its organisational success and the reflection of all of these combined on the public opinion.

İKSV was the first foundation to establish the concept of sponsoring cultural and artistic events in Turkey. With their attitude of social responsibility and a sense of belonging to this city, İKSV event sponsors have contributed toward successfully bringing about some of the most exclusive artistic events ever held in Istanbul, and elevated the level of the city's artistic life.

If you would like to contribute to İKSV events, you can inspect our sponsorship presentations below and contact İKSV Sponsorship Programme:

İKSV Sponsorship Programme
+90 (212) 334 07 39