With its emphasis on new thinking, presentation models and public engagement in contemporary art, the Istanbul Biennial has played a significant role in our region and to its established audience of almost half a million visitors. As a non-profit institution offering this widescale exhibition with no admission fee, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) asks for your kind support to realise the projects our artists envision and make them accessible for all.

It is our great pleasure and privilege to welcome you as a biennial supporter and share with you the excitement of the exhibition. Your individual contributions will sustain the biennial financially, which has always been pivotal in the success of the Istanbul Biennials for the past 32 years.

We value acknowledging your support. Our individual supporters are thanked in all our print and online publications and join us as our VIP guests in special events in the months leading up to the biennial, which include early announcements and discussions concerning the curatorial and artistic developments of the exhibition. There will be special tours and opportunities for artists' meetings during the opening days of the exhibition as well as VIP access to all public programmes.

It is only thanks to the support and care of art lovers and supporters that artistic research can be rewarded and flourished.

For support please contact us via


This year, the Istanbul Biennial offers a range of programmes to those who would like to support the realisation of this event while furthering their experience of the biennial and Istanbul’s burgeoning art scene. These extensive programmes enriched with privileges, invitations to side events and special gatherings in the city of seven hills will unlock the doors to the major happenings during the preview days of the biennial that is expected to welcome 5,000 guests from around the world, including artists, art professionals, critics and press members.


Istanbul Biennial invites you to support the biennial by being a part of a special project, marking the 30th anniversary of its inauguration.
The Limited Editions project is a tribute to the thirty years of contemporary art in Istanbul. 15 artists from 15 biennials that were realised since 1987 contributed to this project by donating a special limited edition, printed exclusively and included in a special box set. The box set, which features a total of 15 different 35x50 cm limited edition, will be presented to the donors who support the project with a contribution of 10,000 euros.


The International Friends and Patrons Council is a non-profit membership initiative of the Istanbul Biennial, bringing together patrons and collectors who would like to support the participating artists in the exhibition, as well as its public and educational programmes.
Your membership in the International Friends and Patrons Council will provide many special occasions to meet artists, participate in private tours alongside the public educational programme, and will also grant access to our most exclusive soirées during the opening week of the biennial. Furthermore, all support will be acknowledged in our publications, exhibition labels and website.

  • Friend: To join this exciting council as a Friend, we kindly ask for a contribution of 5.000 euros.
  • Patron: Should you wish to be more involved, you may alternatively join the Council as a Patron and make a crucial contribution to the production of an artwork. This alternative allows for the exceptional benefit of acquiring an edition or a piece of the artwork, commissioned for the Istanbul Biennial, at production cost. Details would be determined by the artist and project in question.