Sponsors who offer continuous long-term support for cultural and artistic events as a conscious element of their "corporate culture" will be remembered as socially responsible institutions. In creating their corporate identity, developing their brands or promoting their products, the sponsors help raise consumers' artistic and cultural awareness, and consequently, elevate their society.

The relationship between İKSV and its sponsors does not merely provide corporations exposure for their logo, but also an opportunity for them to promote their brands, products or corporate image to the vast spectrum of society attending the festivals. Product promotion and database creation activities at the festival venues serve these and similar purposes. The sponsorship becomes the brand, and this is crucial when it comes to reaching target visitors most effectively.

A long-term sponsor-festival relationship should be created, one that contributes significantly both to cultural and artistic life in Istanbul and Turkey, as well as to the corporate images and cultures of the sponsors. To be meaningful for İKSV and its sponsors, such a relationship must be ongoing. In this country where economic instability reigns, sponsorship is a sine-qua-non for achieving lasting quality in artistic organizations.

Culture and the arts are the building blocks of a society. With this in mind, we invite you to support İKSV, for a more enlightened society with a heightened cultural awareness; one that remains steadfast in its values, enhancing them for generations to come.