İKSV has published six separate children’s books under the scope of festivals and biennials since 2017 with support from the Bernard Van Leer Foundation. Over 100.000 copies of the books, published in Turkish, English and Arabic, have been provided to children in Istanbul and various cities in Turkey.

The series, that had launched with the 15th Istanbul Biennial’s children’s book Optigull and Pesigull: A Good Neighbour Song, has continued with So Long, So Big, So Many! at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, Fanfare – A Musical Tale of Istanbul at the 47th Istanbul Music Festival, Jazz In Colours at the 26th Istanbul Jazz Festival, Optigull and Pesigull: A World for All of Us at the 16th Istanbul Biennial and A Day at the Theatre at the 23rd Istanbul Theatre Festival.

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