In this handiwork production presented by İKSV Design, Burhan Uygur's pictures, painted exclusively for this work, meet with poems by his close friend and poet Can Yücel, which were previously published in his book Rengâhenk. The book includes 44 images, painted by Burhan Uygur while he read the 121 poems, along with the original pages of the book. Only 550 copies of this book designed by Yeşim Demir were printed and numbered. Rengâhenk opens with Ferit Edgü's introduction "Yücel and Uygur: The transformation of the poem into imagery" and is presented to the reader with the support of İstanbul Kültür University.

“It is such an extraordinary book that you hold in your hands. Poet and painter, both unaware of each other, both in love with the other' art; there is neither a commission, nor an exhibition or the intention to publish.
The painter adds his art to a poetry book he enjoys, by a poet he likes.
Here is the outcome.
Here is the book.”
From Ferit Edgü's foreword

Can Yücel & Burhan Uygur
Language: Turkish