Impressions From Beyoğlu: Selected Works From 150 Years Of Literature On Beyoğlu

Extracts out of 100 precious works of literature dealing with or taking place in Beyoğlu selected by Doğan Hızlan meet with Tan Oral's designs, which he produced exclusively for these specific passages. Following the traces of Beyoğlu within literature, the book was published in the scope of the 150th anniversary celebrations of Beyoğlu Municipality with the support of Rezan Has Museum and Mr. Engin Hitay. The book is designed by Yeşim Demir.

“The anthology which you hold in your hands is a small scale literary map of Beyoğlu. Some regions on this map seem as far to us as places discovered by an old pirate, some reveal the changes reminding the speed of a racing car; but all tell the story of people living in Beyoğlu. No other area is memorized with people so often or narrated of. (...) How can I love a city, a neighbourhood? By reading what is written about it, by seeing through the eyes of an author.”

From Doğan Hızlan's foreword “Writing Beyoğlu in Beyoğlu”

Impressions from Beyoğlu
Selection by Doğan Hızlan
Design by Tan Oral
Edited by Aykut Şengözer and Melda Bağdatlı
Language: Turkish