A colourful book by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts for young art enthusiasts. A Colourful Ride on the Time Machine tells the quarter-century-long journey of the Istanbul Biennials with striking illustrations, interactive sections and pedagogically innovative narratives on over 70 artworks featured in 13 biennials from 1989 until 2015.

A Colourful Ride on the Time Machine, in seven sections, introduces the concept and history of the ‘biennial’ with examples from Turkey and around the world, major artistic concepts and currents in art history via selected artworks, and touches upon the importance of material and site-specificity in contemporary art. ‘Your Turn’ sections invite young readers to think and make their own drawings in relation to the artworks, and ‘Find The Biennial Team!’ section opens a window onto the backstage of the biennial and present the crew working tirelessly to make it happen.

A Colourful Ride on the Time Machine,
Edited by Bige Örer and Süreyyya Evren
Illustrations by Kutlukhan Perker
Publication Coordination by Erim Şerifoğlu
Design by Anıl and Jonathan Barnbrook
Psychological Supervision by Neval Güven
Language: Turkish