İKSV Alt Kat’s online events in June

Founded by İKSV for children, teenagers and groups with limited access to arts and culture with the aim of improving access to and participation in art and culture events, İKSV Alt Kat: Learning and Interaction Space continues workshops and events in digital platforms due to pandemic conditions.

Click here to get detailed information about İKSV Alt Kat’s activities on digital platforms since the end of March.

In June, activities of İKSV Alt Kat on its Instagram account besides İKSV’s YouTube channel include workshops on upcycling and cartoon film, a musical conversation and a video about Father’s Day which features the famous actor Yetkin Dikinciler with his daughter.

5 June Friday / Upcycling Workshop with Deniz Ova and Pınar Akkurt
12 June Friday / Cartoon Film Workshop with Eda Erdoğmuş
19 June Friday / Father’s Day Special Video featuring Yetkin Dikinciler
26 June Friday / Journey to “A Musical Tale of Istanbul” with Göknil Özkök

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