Birlikte Güçlü Sesler Korosu I’s promotional film has been released

In February 2019 Birlikte Güçlü Sesler Korosu I began its work with the collaboration of the Istanbul Music Festival and support of the İstanbul Development Agency (İSTKA). On the evening of 29 June 2019, the choir met audiences for the first time at Zorlu PSM Amphitheatre as part of the 47th Istanbul Music Festival.

Rehearsals that took place during February – June 2019 and the process of staging the concert at the festival were filmed by SAR Production and produced by İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts.

The film also features interviews with the conductor of Birlikte Güçlü Sesler Korosu Zeynep Eren Kovankaya, sign language conductor İpek Aktaşlı, hand choreographer and sign language consultant Buket Ela Demirel, and choristers and parents.